A Message for 2020

Happy new year, welcome to 2020.

I cannot believe that the third millennium is already 20 years old! It seems like yesterday that we entered the year 2000 and were jubilant and excited to see a new millennium. How quickly time has gone! My prayer therefore as we begin this new year and new decade is that God will teach us to number our days so that we may get a heart of wisdom as we continue in our ministry and service to Him.

This year is going to be challenging, not least because it is the year that the United Kingdom plans to exit the European Union. No one knows what lies ahead but what we know is that we are sure of God's love, His power to lead, guide and control. We know that He will look after us, our families, our community and, of course our beloved Great Britain. All we can do is to continue to pray not only concerning Brexit but generally for peace and stability in Haringey and the entire nation. I have no doubt that we will not relent in taking our stand against gun and knife crimes, terrorist attacks and all the evil machinations that resulted in needless waste of (mostly young) lives last year.

It is my vision that the Church in Haringey (ministers and congregations) will come together one day in the summer to glorify God, share and enjoy His blessings in an atmosphere of praise and worship. We should not just be praying together, we need also to find time to eat, share and play together. I am hoping that as many congregations as possible will take part in this programme, the details of which will be shared later.

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you at the first Friday meetings.

I thank God for all you are doing for the Body of Christ and I pray that God will renew your strength and make you more fruitful this year and many more years to come.

Happy new year once again. God bless and be with you and yours and be in all you do and hope to be for Him. Amen

Yours Ever in Him

Christina Omideyi

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