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About us

How we started

Pray Haringey began in the 90s, as a group of church leaders who passionately believed in the power of prayer to transform Haringey. Through strong relationships and working together with the community in prayerful action, much has been accomplished for the kingdom of God. The focus of our unity is not so much events but friendships, genuine love for one another and seeing change in our community

Our Priorities

Prayer - Continuing regular rhythms of gathered prayer. We use a prayer calendar that unites and focuses our prayer for the borough.


Relationships - Nurture our God-given unity through healthy communication and encouragement. We want to connect, challenge and bless local partners.


Action - Work together on projects that bless Haringey; support events that celebrate Haringey; and be ready to respond to local issues in appropriate and supportive ways. 


Youth - Encourage and engage in every opporunity to listen to young people especially their prayers.

Our Vision for Haringey (based on Revelation 21)

It was 8 o’clock on Monday morning.

I was standing by Turnpike Lane station.

And I saw a new London coming down from the heavens.

I saw a teenager leaping out of bed with joy, laughing with the

freshness of the morning.

I saw elderly ladies skipping down Green Lanes.

I saw children paddling in the River.

I saw a football match in Duckett’s Common and the teams were mixed people from every people group: asylum seekers and taxi drivers, policemen and prisoners, pensioners and politicians.  

People from every race and class playing and laughing in the sun.

I saw a street party where the people were eating and dancing because there was hope again.

And I looked across the community of Haringey; a community of hope, a community of grace, a community of warmth.

And, in the clearness of the morning, I looked around into Wood Green....


Read the whole vision...

Our co-ordinator
Christina Omideyi is the current co-ordinator for Pray Haringey.
Prayer Meetings
Join us in prayer at one of our gatherings. Find out more.
photo of Andie Frost
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