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If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed,

but skill will bring success.


Leading voices is the blog for Pray Haringey

Leading voices is the place to share articles and insightful pieces. We also invite guest writers to share their thoughts, hopes, and prayers for the wonderful and blessed borough of Haringey.

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build your library

Books by local Christian authors:

A Woodland Tale
by Joseph C Posner

                                                                                  “A stunning debut novel from a

                                                                                   young author who has much to

                                                                                   say and says it beautifully. It’s a

                                                                                   surprising and inspiring

                                                                                   adventure introducing you to the

                                                                                   awesome majesty of the

                                                                                   national parks in a most

                                                                                   original way, and marking a trail

                                                                                   into the spiritual significance of

                                                                                   nature and the song of

                                                                                   redemption that emanates from

its timeless beauty. It’s a story we need to hear in this age when the global ecology stands at a crossroads.”

                                                 —Brendan Munro, Church Minister and former Journalist

Joseph's Website:

The Evangelical Library in Bounds Green, London, is a lending library for Christian ministers, students and other lay-persons. You might be surprised what you find you didn't expect

5/6 Gateway Mews, Ringway, Bounds Green, N11 2UT | Tel: 020 8362 0868



New Life charity shop is now open at 2 Queen's Parade, Green Lanes N8 0RD. Located 5 mins from Turnpike Lane station (Piccadilly Lane) and sells an assortment of used and new goods. Monies raised will support missions in the UK and abroad.

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Helpful Utilities and places

Modern Media Ministry Made Easy



Churches That Lifestream















Modern Media Ministry Made Easy


AJay has a heart for Mission and in that context is helping churches by Youtube tutorials, webinars and Modern Media Ministry Made Easy forum on Facebook to get the message of the Gospel out without breaking the bank.

Churches That Live Stream

Paul from Streamgeeks, is like AJay passionate for the Lord, His church and His message. He is bringing churches together to cross fertilise online ideas for ministry  in the context of the new normal. He also runs the Churches That Live Stream forum

Paul streamgeeks.jfif



Jamulus is open source, three platform, networked music performance software that enables low lag, live rehearsing, jamming, performing and: worshipping God with music, with musicians located anywhere on the internet. A Jamulus link



 LiveVoice is an app to facilitate easy simultane translation in e.g. church gathering where several different languages need to be catered for. The interpreters can be situated anywhere in

the world. It works by setting up a code number per language, unique to the event. The interpreted language is then accessed by the foreign language attendee via earphones connected to the mobile phone. LiveVoice Link


 SLIDO is an interaction app for hybrid meetings. It allows in person and online participants to take part in Questionaires,

Quizzes, Contributive Thoughts on a subject. The participants are given a code for use on digital devices, where they can then post answers annonimously. e.g. the question might be: How often do you read your bible? with relevant options to select from. The result can then be displayed as a chart, projected at the front of the church. SLIDO Link

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