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'You shall rise up before the greyheaded and honor the aged, and you shall revere your God; I am the LORD."

Asaph Christian Trust is looking for churches that run Senior Citizen Groups  or clubs to see whether they would be interested in an morning/afternoon of music provided by their musicians. For more information, contact David Hooke ​


Harringay United Church Baptist organise a regular Tea Party for the senior citizens in the community. This is done in partnership with Contact the Elderly and together they help those to attend who cannot leave home unless they have assistance. To find out more information about this, contact the HUCB Office on 020 8347 8754

Salvation Army (Wood Green) hosts a number of events for older people at 24 Lymington Avenue, N22 6JA: 

  • Tues:   12:30 to 3pm - Light lunch, fun, friendship, guest speakers etc 

  • Thurs: 10:30 to 12pm - Fellowship (songs, Bible reflection, light lunch) (10:30 -12pm)

For more information about these activities and more, please call 020 8888 9466 or visit the Salvation Army  (Wood Green) website  


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