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Our Response to COVID-19

Peace and greetings as always.

There is no doubt that these are precarious and challenging times, the sort that this present generation has not witnessed before, but which is not new to God.

As in the Bible we read of many plagues, there is no doubt that coronavirus, the so-called covid19, an epidemic/pandemic, is what would rightly be referred to in Biblical terms as a plague.

What brings about a plague? A plague was not part of God's original plan for mankind; it does not feature anywhere in Genesis 1 and 2. In all the cases we have seen in the Bible a plague comes about when the people have sinned against their God and this present generation is no exception.

But thank God there is always a way out of every situation. And so at this time when the whole world is in panic, what are we as the Body of Christ expected to do? Of course, we need to stay strong; after all, we serve a God who is mighty to save and will save and deliver. Notwithstanding, we must not shy from letting it be known that we are where we are because 'all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God'.

My heart is pained seeing people panic buying - queuing up in front of supermarkets or fighting inside supermarkets to load up on essential day to day items. Of course we all need these things to survive but I worry that people cannot see that panic buying is not the answer. Of what use will be the items we buy if we fall ill and cannot use them or God forbid, even die? While we are expected to carry on living normal day to day lives as far as possible, we must not stop to ask the question, 'how did we find ourselves in this situation and what is the way out of it?'

I believe I am right in saying that no one ever thought the day would come when the door of our churches would close to prevent social interaction. Is this not a contradiction in terms? Should the people not be running to churches to be safe from epidemics and pandemics? Should they not be seeking refuge in the house of God? Such is the seriousness of our present situation that we cannot open the doors of our churches to a world in crisis for the people to run in and be safe. But thank God, the church in our hearts and in our homes are still open and while may not be able to congregate in church buildings we can still learn, share and pray together to make intercession for ourselves and the world in which we live.

What I see as a way out of this precarious situation are: repentance, prayer and courage.

1. Repentance - for our sins and the sins of our nation(s) - Daniel 9

2. Prayer - humbly praying & seeking God's favour - 2 Chronicles 7:14

3. Courage in the time of adversity - Psalm 46

We cannot keep silent in times like this - God is counting on us to preach, teach, convince, rebuke and cry to Him our dying world to save.

Keep well, keep safe, God bless.

Ever yours in Him

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